SlabTown Music Productions is a collective from Anoka County, Minnesota. Our main goal is to help musicians through grass roots promotion and down home tenacity. Please "Like" us on Facebook! We do accept submissions. If you would like to be added to our catalog please send an email to the address below.


12/3/13 - Slabtown Music is happy to announce that we will be releasing a new CD featuring Javier and the Innocent Sons, please take a minute to donate to help fund it's release: projects/252460404/javier-and- the-innocent-sons-make-a- record


11/28/13 - Crankshaft has released three new music videos plus a live video! Visit his YouTube page to check them out!


11/26/13 - Fattenin' Frogs have released a new video from their upcoming release 12 Bars, look forward to the CD release party on Saturday, December 14th, at Famous Dave's Blues Club in Uptown, Minneapolis!



9/24/13 - We will be releasing three new albums on one big night, Saturday, December 14th, at Famous Dave's in Uptown. Featuring new music by Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders, The Fattenin' Frogs, and Kevin "KP" James. We hope you can make it to the show, please RSVP via Facebook if you plan on attending, thanks!


8/14/13 - Crankshaft has produced, directed and edited three new music videos that he'll be releasing at Famous Dave's in Uptown on Saturday, September 21st, hope to see you there! Check out the trailer below:



4/9/13 - Fattenin' Frogs have released a new single that you can download for free. Look forward the full album this fall!


4/8/13 - Crankshaft's new album What You Gonna Do? is in the Top 100 radio chart compiled by the Americana Music Association! This marks the 5th consecutive week that the record has been on the rise, this week at #69!